Thursday, July 2, 2009

choosing domain names for you're weblog

Are you ready to have a website on the internet? And if you already have a business name (domain) that right? it's time to secure a domain name relevant to your business and your website.

Domain name registration can be more easily appropriate the name of your business or as may be to name your child. So where to start so that the domain that you want to be purchased according to the web your business?

There are several things that can be a material consideration in selecting the right domain name are:

1. select domain names for TLD. com
There are so many TLD / extensions for the domain name at this time, but the key is. Com. Nah, it is advisable to use the more you. Com rather than the other. Unless there are reasons that need eg your target market indonesia reason or another, you can use. However, I recommend using more domains. Com rather than the other.
2. Make the domain name easy to remember
As much as possible for the domain name shorten as possible. Avoid signs - (dash). Avoid also inserts a number, (eg Look for the domain name short and easy to be spoken, so you can find the form of a good domain.
3. If possible, focus on the keyword (keywords) that match
Not too a waste of time to analyze the tactics and tricks search engine optimization. You likely will get bigger the better ranking in search engines ie google, if you use keywords as domain names. For example: You will get a good ranking for the keyword "cheap computers" if your domain name ""
4. Select the appropriate domain name
Choose a domain name directly related to the content of your website. Customize the content, products or services offered in your website.

So in choosing a domain name, the things above can be used as a reference so that your domain is easy and of course known that many will be able to help bring free visitors to your website. With so later the value of your domain can be increased and costs high

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