Thursday, June 4, 2009

blog??? what it is???

Blog is short of Weblog, a term first used by Jorn Barger in December 1997. Jorn Barger Weblog uses the term to take the group private website which is updated continuously and contains links to other websites that they come with interest the comments of their own.

Blog search form and develop in accordance with the wishes of the author or the Blogger. Blog on the first note is a''journey''someone on the Internet, the link to the website being visited and are considered interesting, and a far more interesting than a list of links. This is because usually the Blogger also does not forget to fasten the comments''smart''their personal opinions and even express their sarcasm on the link they make.

From the comments just now and then a blog is usually a window that lets us peek''and''fill the daily life of the creator. Blogs are an easy way to get to know someone Blogger personality. Topics like what he has and he does not like, what did he think of the links he has chosen, what the responses on the issue. Usually envisaged entirely clear from his blog. Because of this blog is very personal.

several Blog characteristics:

  * the contents are usually the main form of information that is chronological, and divided into several categories
  * There is an archive for old news or information
  * There is a place for people to leave a message or comment
  * Usually there is a link to the web / blog or favorite visited frequently, usually called a blogroll.

So, what's that blog? Well, for short, blog is a medium for the delivery of information using the Internet network, with a more aglitter and with the spirit globalism, because a mainstream media property just only, each individual can deliver voice, which often faster, free varieties and because it is not under a corporate network. Can be spelled blog is New Media for Information and Culture. The presence of blogs as a source of new information has begun to show significant because the readers need information that may not be found in the mainstream media and to hear the voices which have not yet heard without the presence of the Internet. Or in other words if you want to explore what about something a little difficult to find in the mainstream media, will be very likely you will get someone through a blog, I can not, so just make your own. 

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