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Publisher Course - Interactive Software Training Tutorial

Learn how to master the Publisher, a powerful publishing tool that allows you to effectively and professionally design your own advertisements, business cards, information brochures,
certificates, marketing pages, and lots more.

Publisher Course - Interactive Software Training Tutorial

Publisher course 1

Online e-Learning Publisher Training for PC / Laptop

Do You Need a Quick Way to Learn Microsoft PUBLISHER?

The completely interactive course will teach you how to you design, personalize, and share a wide range of publications and marketing materials all from one place. Learn how to take the collection of pre-designed templates that are available in Publisher and customize them completely, adapting them to fit your specific needs.

This Publisher course will guide you through the steps involved in creating and distributing over the internet, through e-mail, and with printed materials so that you can successfully build up your company's brand name, efficiently manage numerous customer lists, and learn how to develop your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Publisher course 1

Order a Publisher Course - Instant Download Version

This interactive tutorial will demonstrate how to create new projects, offer tips on how to build a successful design strategy, and teach you to master the operation of the Publisher design wizard in order to integrate assorted elements from several different categories into various types of advertisements or publications.

Apply the techniques from this useful tutorial to finally be able to produce the kinds of professional publications that create the impact that you need.

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What is an Online Edition?

* The Online Edition is a fully web-based training program that requires no CD delivery, no shipping costs, and no software installation on your computer.

* After purchasing your
PUBLISHER Software Training Course you will be able to download the course as soon as you complete your order

* To get started just connect to the internet, download our course and begin your PUBLISHER e-Learning tutorial

* You will also receive a link to continue your course online. The online edition web courses are available for additional practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Browse through the Publisher Course topics and projects below:

Publisher Software Training Course


General uses of the Publisher


What is Publisher


Activating Publisher

3. Main screen structure

4. Enlarging the displayed icons

5. Creating a new project

6. Adding a text box the the project


Saving Projects and parallel windows

1. S

aving a project

2. The save as... window

3. Open an existing project

4. Working on several windows

5. Watching two together

Exploring and Editing fonts

1. What is a font

2. Changing the font type


Adding underline


Adding the bold effect


Adding italic effect


Editing Text

1. Align and center paragraph

2. Coloring a font

3. Design copy

4. Adding bullets to the text

5. Space between lines

6. Using Auto fit


Creating and Editing Tables


Creating a Table


Adding columns and rows


Deleting rows and columns

4. Typing Data

5. Setting printable grid lines


Merge cells


Split cells


Options available for adding objects

1. What is a

n object?

2. Form

atting an object


Decrease and increase size


Object type in AutoShape

5. Formatting an object

6. Grouping objects

7. Ungrouping

8. Bringing an object to the front

9. Sending an object to the back


Exploring the design collection wizard

1. The Publisher Wizard

2. The advertisement category

3. The award certificates

4. The banner category

5. The brochures category

6. Business card category

7. The paper folding category


Adding pages, changing colors and auto correction

1. Adding pages

2. Navigating between pages

3. Using replace action

4. Using Auto Correction

5. Changing the color scheme

6. Using art galleries

7. Saving our designs


. Changing the fill color


Objects available to add to projects




Adding from picture collection

3. Adding pictures from files

4. Adding lines


. Adding automatic shapes

6. Adding bookmarks

7. Re-designing gallery objects


Options available for advance objects

1. Line color change

2. Changing line style

3. Selecting more than one

4. Undo and Redo buttons

5. Adding time and date

6. Adding page numbers

7. Using Publishers Help

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This hands-on, easy to follow search engine training course covers the basics behind search technologies and search results, while guiding users step by step toward developing better search results and search engine techniques.

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Is Publisher something you want to learn but are unsure how to begin?

This tutorial gives a full overview of Microsoft Publisher and its tools and opens doors for new users to be able to begin creating their own publication materials immediately.

With the Publisher software training course you will finally have the opportunity to analyze various types of Publisher tools and techniques, helping you to understand the different kinds of practical possibilities available for everyday use.

This popular course has received an endless supply of positive feedback from users who appreciate the fast download and the easy to follow informative tutorials. The user-friendly features and interface makes this course an excellent way to finally learn about all of the benefits that Publisher has to offer you.

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By using this Interactive Publisher course you will be able to:

* Become a skilled Publisher user without any previous knowledge of Publisher

* Learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

* Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office

* Learn
Publisher without having Publisher installed on your computer

* Save time and money by avoiding expensive classes and detailed manuals

* Improve your computer skills

* Add "Proficient in Microsoft
Publisher" to your resume

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