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Automatically Uploads PLR Content To Your Blog,

Automatically Uploads PLR Content To Your Blog, Adds Tags, Optimizes For Seo, Includes Affiliate Hyperlinks, And Schedules The Post Date With No Scripts To Install And Supports Unlimited Blogs From One Installation. Affiliate Tools Available On The Site.

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"Want a Super Easy Way to Earn More Money and Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website?"

Easily Add Fresh Content To Your Blog
And Sit Back while the Money Pours In...

I used to hate blogging!, and I still do. Too much work. All that writting. So I found sources like Monthly Blog Posts to get the content, but putting it on the blog was such a pain. So I looked for a solution. And couldn't find one - before now, there simply didn't exist a with all these features. So I built one and now you can have it too!

It's well known that having a blog is a critical component of web promotion. Search engines love blogs because they inherently possess the web 2.0 properties that search engines go nuts for - constantly updated and fresh content, commenting and viewer interaction, and built in RSS feeds.

The problem is, the constant updating with fresh conent is too much work for almost anyone who doesn't sleep on top of their computer. So how can the average person take advantage of a blog while still living a life outside of the internet?

The answer is having ghost writers create blog content for you. You can either hire someone to do the writting for a small fortune, or you can turn to private label rights content.

The problem with private label rights content (PLR) is that you don't know how many other people are using them, so you don't know how fresh they really are. The goods news is that most people get too overwhelmed with the private label rights and just leave them sitting to "gather dust" on their hard drive.

That changes now, for the people smart enough to take advantage of our software.

With PLR Poster, you can take all that PLR content, shuffle it, tag it, emphasize and bold key phrases, replace key text with affiliate links of links pointing back to your sales pages, randomize or order the dates the posts will appear, and then put them on your blog in minutes.

  • Automate blog posting - designed for people with little technical skill, our will help extract the tags, arrange the dates, and place everything on your WordPress blog with minimal fuss.
  • Easy to use - Watch the video to see how easy it really is.
  • Save tons of time updating your blog - you can place hundreds of posts on a single blog in a few minutes. Send your content to multiple blog posts and not worry about the sites until you get more content. No other does this.
  • Get all that PLR content off your hard drive and onto your website where it can do you some good - you paid for it or spent your time acquiring it and it isn't doing you any good sitting on your hard drive.
  • Schedule blog posts to appear at fixed or random intervals - you have complete control. Should they appear every day, ever seven days, randomly between one and seven days? What about the time? Should they always be posted at 11:59 a.m. or randomly between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.?
  • Bottom line - The best

"Make Money In Your Sleep with this Set-It and Forget-It Software"

When you start using PLR Poster, you'll never want to go back to blogging the old-fashioned way again. Simply put, PLR Poster is the best blogging tool on the market!
  • Grab all the content from a folder and upload it to your WordPress blog
  • Reads html, txt, rtf, and html files
  • Can optionally randomize the order the content if shown on the blog
  • Can set the post dates to be evenly distributed or randomly distributed
  • Can automatically create the tags for each post based on the content and title
  • Ability to create Hyperlinks from phrases in posts
  • Ability to Italicize phrases in posts
  • Ability to Bold phrases in posts
  • New Automatically find 2 and 3 word phrases
  • New Add call to action before or after each post
  • New Add blog categories
  • New Each post can have multiple categories
  • New Hyperlinks can have "no-follow" attribute
  • New Hyperlinks can specify "target" attribute
  • New Specify incremental post time
  • New Multiple posts per day
  • New Export posts to HTML
  • Ability to Edit and Restore individual posts
  • Open and Save Projects
  • Post to unlimited blogs from one machine
  • No scripts to install
  • No file zipping required
  • 56 day money back guarantee

PLR Poster versus the competition
Feature PLR Poster Wordpress Plugins Knock-off software
One install for all blogs
Posts must be combined in a zip file

One-click posting

Choose where post title is found

Create tags on the fly

Limit tags per post

Get tag ideas from posts

Edit tags before posting

Automatically bold phrases

Automatically italicize phrases

Create hyperlinks on the fly

Hyperlinks can have "no-follow" attribute set

Hyperlinks can have "target" attribute set

Hyperlinks for multiple phrases

Create headers for each post

Create footers for each post

Add headers/footers randomly

Add headers/footers in rotating order

Edit headers and footers for each post

Randomize post dates
Minimum and Maximum date intervals

Even interval post dates

Set maximum posts per day

Set random post time

Limit post times

Incremental post times

Edit date for individual post

Edit time for individual post

Preview and edit post title

Preview and edit post content

Create categories on the fly

Posts can belong to multiple categories

Specify category for individual post
Post must be in a folder
Posts must be organized

"Now YOU Can Post Thousands of Blog Posts

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