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Nokia E71 review

Generally, mobile phone business with the QWERTY design appear rigid, far from the impression modis. His main concern is that more features and uses. But this is different when we see the Nokia E71. From the name, enter the phone business segment, but is designed simply modis. Seen in the adoption of silver chrome feel quite dominant. Nokia E71 mentions as the "world thinnest QWERTY phone" with the phone thickness is only 10 mm.
Unlike attendance at the previous E series, many basic features in the new E71 is not found in the family series E. For example, improvements Quickoffice latest version. In addition, the multimedia features that have been adopted only in the N series, now we can get the E71. Not the exception of the features A-GPS and the ability to connect HSDPA (high speed download package access ). Following other features are tested by E71 MOBILE:

E71 is the next generation of Nokia E61i, which adopted the concept QWERTY keypad. In general, the function keypad similar to the E61i, the board only expanse of smaller keypad. But the design four one touch key to the look used on the Nokia E51. Overdelivery one touch key is one key can be set to two different functions of the menu, 'short press' and' long press'.
Testing: Conducting SMS typing and a script in Quickoffice type.
Score: 3.4.
Note: Although the keypad is smaller expanse, each protrusion keys provided to facilitate the finger while typing.
Type of display is taking a landscape draft, measuring 2.36 inch or 48x37 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The screen on the home screen is more dynamic and featured of rich icons. For example at the bottom of the home screen can now be placed icons info notification SMS / MMS, email and so forth.
Tests: Opening video recording and the ability tested of switch mode profile.
Score: 3.3.
Note: The screen may be more powerful, but much smaller in size rather than the previous series the E61i screen size 2.8 inch.

Quickoffice is a strategic application for Nokia E series, E71 in adopting the latest version of Quickoffice, which includes the ability auto find and replace word, plus more advanced formatting for ease of writing set in the display. Many tools to edit the script it Word, Excel and Power Point. Additionally there are active notes, useful to create a message that notes can be combined with multimedia content and wireless presenter English dictionary.
Testing: To edit any posts in Word format.
Score: 3.8.
Note: --
Menu A (Assisted) in E71-GPS is not different from that introduced in the other Symbian mobile phone s60. GPS information can be obtained via the GPS data (see the digital compass direction), and of course the Nokia Maps are provided 3D maps, voice navigation and others.
Testing: Conducting navigation based on the Landmarks that have been made, try the GPS position in the offline mode.
Score: 3.8.
Note: The more attractive when the rotating screen capability provided.

E71 QWERTY Nokia phone into a start with the highest resolution of 3.2 Mpix. Features in the camera to the selection of features on the N82, including close-up option, red eye, white balance and flash light capability. Only the red eye feature that appears to not be included.
Tests: slingshot highest resolution images.
Score: 3.5.
Note: Quality of video record on choice is still QVGA resolution with maximum speed 15 frames per second. E71 camera also does not yet include the application panorama.
To access the internet E71 offers a solution that is comprehensive, ranging from 3G, HSDPA can speed up to 3.6 Mbps and EGPRS class 32 which in theory have a maximum download of 296 Kbps and 177.6 Kbps for upload . Not to mention, the additional functional WLAN internet. There are additional features of the new Intranet, useful for network access in a VPN (virtual private network).
Tests: Opening menu via 3G in less than 5 seconds and the web via WiFi connection.
Score: 3.5
Note: Nokia MiniMap browser is attractive, but there are no additional features in this browser.

Business connections like 'gado-gado', all in the E71 from the bluetooth version 2.0 and infrared data with speed up to 115 Kbps. For the cable, have a stock E71 USB fast speed. Other features that connect the new barcode be calculated, the camera lens can read the code of a product barcode and the data can be stored.
Tests: transfer video files and MP3 music via bluetooth.
Score: 3.6.
Note: there is no provision be pitied ability TV out connection. E71 has a female 2.5 mm jack, unlike the N series which adopted the 3.5 mm.
Touch of music is not too concerned so the E series, but in others as E71. The music player has a unique feature in the N series standards, such as equalizer, shuffle, genres, playlists, composer and bass booster. Not as preceding E61i, the E71 is provided strereo A2DP bluetooth capability. The format of the music playing MP3, WMA and AAC. In this menu is also available via direct access to the Internet Nokia music store.
Tests: Play music with the bass booster.
Score: 3.5.
Note: --

This application is useful for blind mobile phone users. Through the voice aid, the user will be assisted for surfing the menu, even down to the sub menu. Including through the guide to hear the sound of the names in the Phonebook, and referrals to make calls.
Testing: Enables voice aid for surfing to some of the menu. Function voice aid the more optimal use of the message reader.
Score: 3.6.
Note: A little voice be pitied aid is not available to guide in the Indonesian language.
The existence of the radio is up in class Nokia QWERTY phones, FM radio on the E71 using the concept of visual radio. Features include manual tuning, station save up to 50 channels. Of course, a multi tasking radio facilities.

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