Friday, October 2, 2009

new Aion Game online


One more game Online RPG, which tells the story of the heroic conflict between the two nations. At the beginning, gamers will choose to whom he will be loyal. Then the story went that the agreement made at the Tower of Eternity, generate a new races who swore to avenge the result of human greed that is always fighting. It is said that ancient god Aion Atreia ruled the land, and he creates a very intelligent race like the angel named Balaur, but the command Balaur against all the gods and rebelled against its creator. aion an angry god created 12 Empryan Lord to seal Balaur order not to attack mankind.
Hundreds of years have passed, people with greed rule the world unseal it and destroy all existing forms of life.

* Displays the most exciting features, gamers can now fight in the air using a few specific items.
* Explore the new world of features above the sky with flying into the air.
* There are 12 job classes to choose from in order to continue the fight.
* Each nation has unique armor and weapons owned.
* Using graphics engine that is certain CryEngine graphics quality no doubt.
* Player can complain to the other player in his own room "PvP Room".
* This time the player can perform skill chain with the other players in the face of a monster on the loose.

if you like this game you should be visited the site and register now
it very interesting and very perfect game.
there are so many member that also registered around the world, and this site have a aion forum to discussed about the game features and the cheat. so you can play with other peoples with this perfect and best game that i ever play.

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